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Newton County, GA – Injury Crash Occurs on I-20 EB at SR-11

Newton County, GA (June 30, 2023) – A crash with injuries occurred Friday morning June 30th, leading to the closure of all lanes on I-20 EB at SR-11.

, Newton County, GA – Injury Crash Occurs on I-20 EB at SR-11

Local police and emergency teams arrived at the scene to address the situation. The crash involved multiple vehicles, causing significant disruptions and traffic congestion in the area. Unfortunately, specific details about the number of people injured or their identities are not yet available.

Efforts were made to provide immediate assistance to those involved in the accident. Paramedics and rescue personnel responded swiftly to the incident, providing emergency treatment to the injured parties and transporting them to appropriate medical facilities for further evaluation and treatment.

Authorities are at this time investigating the exact cause of this crash.

Our thoughts are with the individuals affected by this accident, and we hope for their swift recovery.

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